Wed 22 Sep 2021
Detecting heart failure with AI: HeartKinetics and Kantify
Collaboration between Kantify and HeartKinetics around real-time detection and classification of heart failure
Thu 12 Aug 2021
AI for Breast Cancer Detection using whole-slide images
Step-by-step approach from data selection, cleaning and augmentation to training of a deep neural network for segmenting whole-slide images and counting nuclei.
Thu 17 Jun 2021
Diagnosing Endometrial Diseases from Tissue Images using AI
Discover how Artificial Intelligence can help diagnose endometrial diseases from tissue images
Thu 27 May 2021
Key AI Techniques in small molecule screening
Discover the key Artificial Intelligence techniques used for small molecule screening
Thu 15 Apr 2021
Draft EU regulation on AI and its impact on healthcare
We share an overview of the new concepts of the draft Regulation on a European Approach For Artificial Intelligence and the impact on AI based medical devices.
Fri 19 Mar 2021
ZeptoNet White Paper: AI for drug discovery
We present ZeptoNet, our novel machine learning technology for in silico small molecule screening at scale
Tue 22 Dec 2020
How Computer Vision is transforming different industries
Discover how Computer Vision is transforming transportation and logistics, health, manufacturing, and security
Tue 22 Dec 2020
The state of AI in 2020: discoveries you should know about
Discover some of the most exciting breakthroughs in the field of Artificial Intelligence for the year 2020
Thu 17 Dec 2020
The impact of Artificial Intelligence on business processes
Discover how Artificial Intelligence is impacting business processes, enhancing human capabilities, and augmenting jobs
Tue 15 Dec 2020
Artificial Intelligence in medical devices
Discover the current state of AI in medical devices, its benefits, and future trends
Tue 15 Dec 2020
Artificial Intelligence (AI) in drug discovery
Discover how Artificial Intelligence is transforming and speeding up drug discovery
Fri 04 Dec 2020
Artificial Intelligence for clinical decision support
Discover Artificial Intelligence-based clinical decision support systems, their benefits and challenges